Tommy Orosco

Let us introduce you to Tommy Orosco, also known by his alias Motzero. He is an award winning artist from South Orange County, California and currently works as a marketing manager for a mortgage company.

Motzero has been “arting” his whole life. His parents were a great support system and would buy him the supplies he needed. He created art with watercolors, ink, crayons and airbrush. Tommy would often request to go to certain classes and his parents supported him every step of the way. He told us they wouldn’t complain too much when he painted large murals on his bedroom walls, but it wasn’t until college he fell in love with acrylic painting.

Painting is his escape. In his studio he likes to listen to some good music and burn some incense while he creates. It’s clear this is his true passion.

Motzero draws his inspirations from music. He tells us nothing is off limits, if it has the right vibe, the right energy. Street art, graffiti and pop art also inspire him.

It seems like his art style has no limits. Over the years his art work has evolved from realistic seascapes and dark landscapes to his sad, cartoony bunnies, skulls and hearts. He has an odd fascination with rabbits that even he cannot explain. Motzero’s arylic painting uses bright colors and cartoony creatures to “mask an underlying sense of sadness and despair.”

Motzero does show off his work a few times a year. In Southern California he had art shows in Laguna beach, LA and Hollywood to name a few. He is very humble and tells us he doesn’t do the shows for financial gain but is stoked if he does make a sale. He just genuinely enjoys showing off his work and seeing people’s genuine reaction.

Motzero’s ultimate end goal is to have a solo show in New York. Support his goal by checking out his website HERE

Follow him on Instagram to keep updated on all his new projects.

We wish Motzero the best of luck in his future endeavours and hope his work can inspire others to pursue their true passion.

Stay chill ✌️

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