Michael Sanders

Have you ever heard of toothpick art? We hadn’t either until we stumbled upon Michael Sanders.

Hailing from Baton Rouge, Louisiana Michael is a second generation artist. His father is known as the Louisiana Toothpick Man who holds the world record for the Largest Toothpick Sculpture! Michael is currently working to surpass his father and become the next record holder.

I’m sure everyone is curious as to what you can make with toothpicks. Turns out, if you can imagine it, just about anything. Small creations may be hats, butterflies, sunglasses, and earrings to name a few. While working on smaller projects is fun, Michael has even created a life size alligator that consists over 1.5 million toothpicks!

Michael worked as a custom cabinet builder and was terminated with no warning. Luckily getting terminated lead him to enjoying his art full time! He does a little carpentry on the side but now he gets to create more often and attend art shows regularly.

Michael is living his dream and hopes to inspire others to follow their passion. Chill Culture thanks you for sharing your story with us. We look forward to the day when you become the next record holder!

Stay chill!

The biggest challenge working with toothpicks is keeping time to a minimum. When focused, its very easy to get lost in a piece and turn it into a massive project. Patience is a must when working with something so small and tedious.

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